ninja shit

Chris with a legit shot. courtesy of Fleemon

it's ok i was a messenger back in the day....

someone emailed this to us. excellent use of a terror sticker in Japan.

The Making of Men.

The Duke applying ceremonial head dress to Pino-Marino 2001-
Or- getting drunk on the porch being stupid. They're both good.

productivity is high


Oh fuck...

                                           Tristan Barcalamoose loose, Pete Smolik, Colin  Crespino


available now at:

Route 44 in San Diego

2 hands on the wheel

sperm & carter AZ

bite this.

tasteful marketing.
Our new "collection" will be available this summer along with "collaborations" with top designers and artists along with an all new look book with our new models.  You definitely will not want to catch this.

boycott everything.